Thursday, 13 December 2012

You know when it's cold.....

In my last post I mentioned how much I am looking forward to Christmas and the opportunity to run every day.  Not that I have to wait until then, of course.

Last weekend I stayed with my parents on the coast and enjoyed a pre-breakfast run up and down the sea front - about 3 or 4 miles each day.  Easy enough and a delight to do. So far this week is going:

Monday - Difficult day at work, all day meeting involving about 25 of us, squeezed somewhat into a smallish room.  We all felt a bit claustrophobic towards the end of the day.  Could not wait to jump into my car and drive home.  No matter how much I did need a run, home and family had to take priority.
Tuesday - Finance Committee meeting in the afternoon.  Fairly straight forward although there was one spot where I could feel myself nodding off, but no disrespect to my colleague who was giving the low-down on next year's budget.  You know the feeling where your eyes roll up and then you jerk yourself awake?  Yes that happened to me and I was aware the CEO was looking over in my direction, gave me a sympathetic smile.  Not a brilliant move on my part.  I had two items on the agenda and these were okay (and thankfully stayed awake for myself!).  The Chair gave us (as officers) two tins of sweets and a Christmas card.  I asked if we were required to declare this gift in the hospitality register but we decided the gift was of nominal value and greatly appreciated.

I dutifully scoffed some of the jelly babies, afterall one has to be setting a good example, and then changed to go off for a run.

You know it's cold when you get back and see frozen moisture in your hair.  I imagine this is from frozen breath.

Wednesday - My colleague Chris had previously suggested an after-office run and at 5.00pm our computers were duly turned off and off we went to change.  There we were dressed almost identically in black tights, running shoes, bright yellow jackets and black hats.

It was suggested by the PAs that we looked a couple of likely lads off to "to do a job" or a "pair of high lighter pens".

We did about 6 miles and almost got lost (but just once).  As the temperature was around freezing once again there was a frosty edge to my hat.  I thoroughly enjoyed that and I'm slowly starting to see the area of running with other people differently now.  I quite enjoy it and it certainly helps me through that 25 minute "wall".  Should explain, when I run I struggle for just a few minutes at around the 25 minute mark, all to do with fuelling my muscles.  After a sluggish few minutes it sometimes feel as if I am releasing the handbrake and going on with a burst of energy.  Running with someone else evens that out.

So there we are, a few recent chilly runs, frosty hair and highlighter pens.  Still can't wait for Christmas!

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