Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas holiday run # 7

Back home last night and this morning I could run over my more familiar routes.  No pressure for anyone to get up very early (my parents are staying with us) so I had a brisk 4 mile run in 30 minutes, including one lung-busting hill.

A great run but naturally not long enough.  I knew this wasn't 'the' day for the long run but this will hopefully happen over the holiday period.

I took my ipod shuffle with the replacement headphones / earplugs (utterly useless but another post some other time).  Amongst the tracks I listened to was Gabriel's Oboe which was just amazing.  If you know this piece, you'll probably be saying it is not a brilliant piece of running music.  You would be right, in the normal sense.  And yet the sheer beauty of that music somehow rises above the horrible inhuman things that are going on in the world right now.  If only.  If only those war-mongers could be brought together and forced to immerse themselves in a beautiful piece of music, played with such deep emotion, and asked how they could then continue in their bloodshed.

As far as the run was concerned, I ran quite quickly, feeling loose from the start.  That was brilliant and I'm starting to feel the benefit of these short regular runs as a way of keeping me a little more supple than normal.  The last 200 yards were at top speed leading to me bursting in through the front door all sweaty and panting.  Brilliant.  Blow the cool-down, just for today.

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