Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas holiday run # 4

Christmas Eve

I knew having a run today was going to be tricky.  Sure enough it was.  As much as I tried to spot opportunities, family duties took priority.

We had arranged to spend Christmas at my Mother in Law's place, a few miles away by car.  Loading up our car with food, presents, bags etc you'd think we were off on a World tour.  Instead just a couple of days but it was a major logistical operation.  Determined to have a run - albeit a token run - I was successful once we were there; settled, unpacked.  I put my running shoes on but didn't change any of my clothes to take the shortest "run" ever.  I was back in 5 minutes but I knew that was the politic thing to do.

That night I found it hard to sleep first of all.  No it wasn't because I was uncontrollably excited like our daughters were - I just wasn't tired enough having not had a decent run.

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