Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas holiday run # 3

Once again I set off for my run while it was still dark. I didn't have too much time so it was a fairly brief and unremarkable run, of just under 4 miles.

It involved a couple of shortish hills on which I deliberately quickened the pace and could feel my heart pumping away.  I would guess I was pumping away at around 170 - 180bpm which is a good healthy range for me to be in, possibly a little higher, but only for short bursts.

I could feel my calf muscles aching a little shortly after I set off, perhaps a sign of neglecting stretching these days but those muscles soon loosened up.

While an unremarkable run in some respects, I was thinking of a few things.  Firstly I was still grinning from ear to ear at the thought of a bike ride I had yesterday - it was hilarious!  Almost feeling short-changed with such a brief run in the morning, I decided to go into town for some shopping, the long way and adding an extra 8 miles.  We've had loads of rain lately with floods being reported, so why not head for the countryside and see for myself?  I ended up riding for almost a mile up a flooded road with my feet dipping into the flood water for most of the way as the stream of flood water grew stronger and faster, quite a torrent in places and all heading towards me. I wish I had taken my camera   A mile later I got a puncture - two things here - punctures always seems to occur in the back wheel and when the roads are wet.  Why is this?  It got fixed pretty quickly so no harm done.

Secondly I was thinking of church, looking forward to it as both Becky and Hannah had parts to play.

Thirdly, what lies ahead in terms of running and cycling?  Do I need some kind of challenge for 2013?  Now that's something to mull-over.......

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