Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas holiday run # 9

Home made running fuel
Only a short run today following a longer run yesterday.  Today's run was a recovery run fuelled by a healthy piece of home made Christmas cake (thank you, Hannah).  Flip.  This cake is not only delicious but it provides so much energy.   Just as well I'm not on a diet, or maybe I will need to diet after much more of this!

So, today's run was just a brief run around the block.  Just five minutes but an important five minutes.  Keeping myself supple, burning up 50 calories (a slice of Christmas cake is probably twenty times that!).  These short runs are important after the long runs, all part of the resting and recovery process.  Besides, it was lashing down with rain for most of the day and I always think if it's raining and I'm heading out for a run, I might as well make it a good long run, to justify getting wet.

Not that I have been bone idle today.  Hannah persuaded me to go to the XC place at Hemel Hempstead for a spot of high rope clambering around.  First step was terrifying, then the second was okay and by the time I got round three times it was fun.  Hannah on the other hand was like a little monkey.  Blog post to follow soon on that but here's a picture just to give you a flavour.
We were so high up!

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