Saturday, 15 December 2012

Almost naked and running in Trafalgar Square!

We had to go into London today and after our appointment at LAMDA we found ourselves strolling through Trafalgar Square when there was a bit of a rumpus.

"Oooo look at those runners Doug" said Rachel

"No no don't look Rachel" but it was too late, he had gone past.

And then a few more, all in their bright red skimpy Speedos and little else.  Flippin' 'eck I thought, I'm not gonna run through here wearing only those.  It's December.  Talk about temperatures and brass monkeys.  Still, they seemed to be enjoying themselves. "Don't look Rachel but again I was too late".

Mind you, dressed like that you'd have to run around just to keep warm, although it has to be said we do seem to lose quite a bit of heat through out heads and at least they were wearing the latest in Santa's thermal running gear.

No, no way, you wouldn't catch me doing that.  I know I'm a committed runner and I'm planning to run everyday over Christmas but not like that.  Call me a prude if you will, see if I care.  Turns out it's a flash mob called Santacon and has been gaining in popularity over recent years, helped by social media.

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  1. Been wondering why so many people where wearing those costumes in London. Social media,of course.
    Glad I'm too old for all that nonsense,hah!