Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas holiday run # 10

My neighbours probably think I'm a bit weird.  There always seems to be a curtain that twitches as I sneak out for my morning run, just before daybreak and today was no exception.  Mind you, they ought to be used to it by now.

Wearing shorts in the middle of the winter does, on one hand, seem a little odd.  Who cares?  At least I know I'm not the only one, my blog reader H has mentioned he does it as well.  Like me he doesn't care!

I did four miles in 30 minutes.  On one hand it doesn't seem much of a run.  Not fast enough to get me out of breath and into a sweat, barely long enough to get into a nice rhythm let alone a steady fat burning run.  And yet these ordinary runs are important for all kind of reasons.  One of these and most unexpectedly, was solving a slight constipation issue but I'll spare you the details!  I can, however, add that to the long list of great reasons to run.

Couldn't help but notice with my blog stats, suddenly there has been a surge of people reading my Review of DW Sports in 2011.  Several hundred have seen it over the last few days - good luck everyone - go for it!

It's that time also for reflecting on the last year and some of the highlights and milestones were buzzing through my mind - now there's another post coming soon.

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