Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas holiday run # 6

Boxing day

Success!  Had a decent run, still out at Rachel's Mum's place.  She lives in a village so it's easy and quick to get out into the countryside and that's just what I did at daybreak.  The highlights were:

  • Just over one hours running!  Nobody upset or miffed at me sneaking out.
  • Wearing shorts in December is cool in more ways than one!
  • Hardly anyone out - just a few motorists on the main road (possibly heading off to the sales????).  Once I was on the minor roads I saw no one at all - no cars, cyclists, walkers, lost drinkers sleeping rough or even runners.
  • Perfect weather - cloudy but mild; about 4C
  • Felt good.  Legs, joints not really complaining past the first few minutes.  No risk of over-doing it with the previous short runs!
Later on in the morning we spotted quite a lot of runners, presumably local folk, out in their new yellow jackets, black tights and bobble hats.  Some were running okay others were panting while others stopped for a rest (looking somewhat flushed, I thought).  Well done everyone, I thought to myself.  Between us we have thousands of extra calories to burn off.  

Great to see some 'new' runners outside.  Some look awkward, heavy and self conscious.  That's fine, I remember being like that myself - who cares?  The important thing is to get into the regular habit and before they'll know it, they'll be real runners!

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