Sunday, 2 December 2012

On line help for new runners

Here's a couple of things that might help if you're thinking of becoming a runner.  Yes you!  You know who you are and I really want you to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful life giving sport.  So, following on from my recent post Gadgets for Runners I'm thinking these might be useful for you.

Couch to 5k

This is an on-line resource to help people get fit through running.  Although it's not that old it has tremendous growth and large numbers have, quite literally, taken those first steps of getting out there in their trainers for a brisk walk.  One really good feature is a friendly pod cast coach in the form of Laura.  Laura keeps people motivated and eases people through different sessions as they gradually make it to a 5k non-stop run in 9 weeks.

Added to that there is a forum where, it seems, there is a lot of support between the C25Kers as they share there experiences, ask questions and generally entertain on-lookers.

So if you're reading this on-line and you have an ipod, smart phone or some other gizmo like that, you and Laura can get going together.  I'll make it even easier for you; just click here for the link!

Map my run

This is something for runners at all different levels; there's something for everyone there.  Having said that I think if you're going to use C25k to get you started, this is a natural follow on.  

Again it's one of those resources where I think it's fair to say "you'll get out of it depends on how much you put in" (parents - how often do we find ourselves saying that to our children?).  I digress.  Map my Run will work best if you have a GPS devise you can link up with the site, so it literally will map your runs but I think you could do it manually.  There are some other good-lookin' resources there such as keeping track on your nutrition as well as the miles you pound.  And then, there's the on-line community right there for you and with the option of being able to connect with other people in your area.


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