Saturday, 22 December 2012

Review - Lore of Running, Tim Noakes MD

I acquired this book in the early days of taking running fairly seriously.  There is no doubt it is an authoritative book catering for the novice and elite runner alike.

At just over 900 pages it is not a quick read but instead an extensive book looking at the physiology of running, information on training, racing and the ins and outs of injuries.  It is of help for the moderately serious runner taking on a 10k through to the challenge of an Ultramarathon.

There is an interesting chapter on "training the mind" which is fascinating and not to be neglected by any runner.  It helps shape the strategy that can be devised for a serious race and helpful in over coming the many barriers and difficulties

If you're interested in finding out about the various processes within your body as you run and train, there is no shortage of information.  This means the entire process of nutrition, breathing, pumping blood around your body, those muscles working and finally your feet propelling you along.   Great book but not a lightweight read.

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