Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas holiday run # 1

Although I have been running 3 or 4 times a week lately, I have been really looking forward to this run today.  Why?  It is the first day of my Christmas holiday and I'm planning to run each day until I return to work on 2nd January.

So the start of the Christmas holiday makes this run a little symbolic I suppose and significant for some other reasons.

Reason 1

Today is the shortest day for us here in England, I believe.  The Winter Solstice here in the northern hemisphere is when the sun, at midday, is at it's lowest point through the year.  It rises a little later and sets a little earlier than yesterday.  We're just at that point where the Earth will start to move towards those balmy longer days.  Although a part of me loathes the winter for all it's darkness, coldness and bleakness, there is a certain beauty in it and for that reason I like it.  That's not to say I don't like the summer - I do - it's much nicer but as winters go, this is okay.  So there's a novel and significant aspect of the run today.

Reason 2

I am feeling very stressed because of work.  I cannot tell you the details suffice to say I am feeling very frustrated and stressed out.  Running is a wonderful antidote and I am sure it will help over the next few days.  Those endorphins will be kicking in, my mind will be filing all those meetings away, along with those reports, papers and other things to where they belong.

Reason 3

The run started at 3.15pm and lasted about an hour.  It started with me saying it was a jog around the block (about 1km) but it ended up being my on-road hilly run of 6.5 miles.  I loved it.   I couldn't stop!  My running form was a little stiff to start with but towards the end I was much more relaxed and I was going a good deal faster.  All those after-work runs paying off.

I think running a little and often is very helpful; even a 10 minute run is better than nothing and it helps keep you supple.  Besides, a 10 minute run will be fuelled by 100 calories, maybe a few more or less depending on the usual factors.

Reason 4

I just needed to do it. My normal run is either 6.5 or 7.5 miles including a bit of huff and puff up one or two hills.  I feel in good shape for a longer run either tomorrow or Sunday.  The kids will be told they can go to bed any time they wish now they are on their school holidays  The small print is that we have breakfast together every morning at 8.30am so they must be able to wake up and be down for that.  Gives me time for a pre-breakfast run, he he he.

Reason 5

There are a few blog posts in my mind as usual and this time I'm hoping to actually sit down and write them.  Amongst these are some comment on rising obesity levels throughout the country, yet again.  Also I have been commissioned by Healthspan to review some health food supplements which I'm currently taking and will be blogging about those soon.  Running helps me work through these and other things I need to write about.

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