Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas holiday run # 8

These feet have been running for a little over ten miles in about 1 hour 20 minutes, but at home.......

"Just stop right there" demanded Rachel "and while your at it, get those socks off"

It's not often socks leave a muddy trail across the floor but today was one of those times.

"You stink" was expressed in such a loving way "So the sooner you get up those stairs and into and into the shower the better"

In our house I know when I'm beaten, especially after a run.  People just stand and stare while holding their noses and point up towards the bathroom.

I took my shower, washed off all the mud from my legs and feet.  I reflected on such a great run; I had been looking forward to it so much.  In my book this counted as a long run as it was about 10 miles and included two very noticeable climbs, plus a few undulations, mostly roads (some flooded, still), muddy tracks, slimy slippery leaves and a good blast at the end.  Everything was right.

Well, nearly everything was right.  This run was during the afternoon which wasn't bad as at least I could see where I was going.  The downside was that I was not running on an empty stomach.  This made me feel a tad uncomfortable for the first half hour.

I saw a couple of other runners which cheered me and I remember saying "hi" but I was lucky to get a grunt back today.  Both were rather red faced, over dressed I thought and toughing it out from the look of them.  Why people wear those baggy thick jogging bottoms for running in I'll never understand.  This might be December but it's very mild at 10C and shorts should be the norm.  Besides, much less for the washing machine on getting back home.

So, how was I feeling?

Quick answer - not bad.

More detail - flippin' great.  My legs are, to be honest, a little tired from this run but I have now been running for eight consecutive days.  I know I'll be fine for another (shorter) run tomorrow.  It goes without saying I am enjoying nice dose of "runner's high" which is very welcome.

The runner's high is so welcome as I had such a depressing experience earlier in the day.  You see, I drove over to Welwyn Garden City to collect a friend of Hannah as they were spending time together today.  The start of the route was the same as my drive to work.  At the junction where I would normally turn right to WGC I carried straight on, as if I was driving to work.  After a couple of miles I realised my mistake and turned off to get back down onto the right road, which was straight forward enough.  I was so cross with myself as I'd been doing so well in keeping thoughts of work well out of my mind.

So all in all, a pretty good run.  I had high expectations and was not disappointed.  I love the challenge of doing something like this as well as enjoying the benefits.  My running is a little smoother and I seem to need less time to loosen up so something is going okay.

Please let me know....

....if you're doing any kind of Christmas running challenge, or any other kind of new challenge over the Christmas period.  I'd be really interested to hear.  

Just leave a comment below.


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