This blog is all about being in good shape - physically and mentally.  Let me explain....

A few years ago I was once again going through a tough time at work, causing a significant amount of stress. That was not the first time I'd suffered from this - previously I had a bout of it in 2003.   With complete faith and trust, I dealt with it then by going for promotion into the world of management (a sort of sink or swim approach - and it worked).   Stress is generally not good and can easily lead to all kinds of other problems; for my family's sake I had to get this right, I couldn't let them down.

At the same time I was becoming over weight and was already unfit.  I went to Human Resources who couldn't wave a magic wand but did give me a few ideas (reduced hours, stepping back down, sick leave, special unpaid leave etc).  Then I remembered back to my early 20s which at times was also a difficult period in my life.  Without any interest in keeping fit or sport, I sometimes used to go for a run in an old pair of trainers. Sometimes I'd run for miles and miles.  Naturally I'd get out of breath and instead of easing back I'd sprint as fast as I could.  Then just as my knees were about to fold under me, I'd force myself to take and extra five strides and then another.  Wow that felt great.  Those problems melted away.  So years later I decided to get fit, loose some weight and deal with the stress once again.

Fast forward to now.  I'm in my 50s, an ideal weight and in my same job.  I have enjoyed running for a couple of years and enter a couple of races each year.  I feel as fit as I've ever done and thoroughly enjoy running and cycling.  It would be easy to allow this to take over a bit but my first responsibility is to my family.  Rachel, my wife, recognises how keeping fit keeps me sane and graciously supports and encourages me as I disappear for runs and rides.

So you get the drift of my blog.  All about my efforts to stay on an even keel, not to win a marathon or be any kind of a super-hero.  Just an ordinary bloke trying to do his best in life.

A few of the other things that make me who I am.... I'm married to Rachel, for life and we have two wonderful daughters. I'm a Christian. We live in a small house in the East of England, with fish and frogs in the garden. By day I work in the public sector. Outside of work I like daydreaming, photographs, running and cycling. 

I hope you find my blog interesting and a good read.  I'm thankful for any comments as I make my way - encouragements, suggestions, constructive criticism - they're all very welcome.