Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Review - Yaktrax Walker

Yaktrax are brilliant and just like having 4WD feet.  Exactly what we need when we have this icy, snowy weather, if you can find them.  I'll tell you about that in a moment but first of all please let me tell you a little more about them.


There is a simple coiled spring which grips ice and snow.  The makers claim it is a unique spikeless design and the spring is coiled around a stretchy polyelastomer frame that easily fits onto shoes, boots or trainers. The spring seems reasonably substantial and is made from a abrasion resistant wire; this could be useful as you could be walking around on salty gritty surfaces in urban areas.  As the black frame is flexible it is easy to pull them on and off a variety of shoes sizes.

If you're concerned about aesthetics, you should not worry too much.  First of all they aren't too noticeable and besides  if you are out and about in snowy, icy conditions, are you going to worry about wearing anything except practical clothing and footwear?


They seems to work well.  Like all brilliant ideas, they are simple and straight forward.  While they have only started to appear in the Home Counties over the last couple of years, other areas may find there is a wider and more sophisticated selection available.

They are easy to pull on and off.  They do give extra grip on snow and ice but especially with compacted snow.  It is, arguably, compacted snow which is the most difficult to walk on.  Apart from providing extra grip, they provide that extra confidence, which is helpful some people.

In day to day use. it is worth remembering you have them on!  They could damage some flooring (i.e. laminate floors).  I would recommend you take them off when driving a car or riding a bike, although it does perhaps depend on the pedal design a bit.

The big problem

I've already said these are good.  The problem is that they can be easily lost.  On this point I could elaborate further but best not to!.  

We can report these are good for walking and running and worth the investment of £10 to £15.  Might even be worth looking out for a bargain price once the worst of the winter has gone?  

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  1. I do know where they are ... Not sure I'd use them for running though - they're a firm tread and might get a bit clogged up with mud if you're not on a hard surface.