Monday, 16 January 2012

This weeks' running schedule

Helpfully those supportive people organising the MK Marathon have published some training schedules on their website - I'm following the intermediate one.

With 15 weeks to go and feeling "on track" this is the schedule for the week ahead:

Monday - alternate 1 minute brisk run with 1 minute jog, for 40 minutes
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - I hour 10 minutes at marathon pace  (9 minutes per mile)
Thursday - rest
Friday - 40 minutes at an easy pace
Saturday - 105 minutes at a relaxed pace (10 minutes per mile)

It goes without saying I am impatient with myself and always feel tempted to do more because I know I can do more and go a little faster than this.  That is just me, being a Type A kind of runner.  I must be patient, follow the schedule.  Well, more or less.  If I need a good fast blast of a run, I'm gonna do that regardless of the schedule.  I do, however, recognise the benefits of following a logical schedule to bring myself gradually up to the right distance and pace without injury or being prone to catching a cold, bug etc.

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