Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Two pairs of running shoes?

Is having more than one pair of running shoes extravagant?  Do you only need one pair?  Why have more than one pair of running shoes?

All good questions and here's an answer.  I have two pairs which I use for running.  The first pair (top in the photo are my favourite Saucony ProGrid Omni 9's) which are well used to running outside right now.  The third down are my Brooks running shoes which I keep for the treadmill at the gym.  Afterall it's just not right to go walking around in the changing room with dried mud falling off or to mess up the treadmill.  The other shoes are just old worn out running shoes I can't bear to get rid of, for now.

The advantage of having two pairs is that it gives them a chance to dry out and rest in between runs which if you run every day is an issue.  This is especially relevant if they get really wet but nevertheless it is good practice to allow running shoes to dry out to avoid too many bugs / bacteria to be lurking there.  Sometimes I will take out the inner sole and leave that on a radiator while the shoes dry out naturally.

The trick is to buy one pair, run a few hundred miles and then buy another pair.  Some people like to find a shoe they like and then stick with it (maybe mark them in some way so you know which is which - different coloured laces?).  I prefer to try different kinds but I always have a proper gait analysis done to make sure they are right.

Is it extravagant to have more than one pair?  No, not at all.  Given that they last for 500-600 miles, having a second pair simply extends their life.  You are also more likely to notice when the older pair are worn and need replacing.  I'm not talking about them being visually worn out (though this is important) but also in ways you can't see.  As shoes become worn, the cushioning, shock absorption deteriorates and having a lower-mileage pair will help you realise this.  Plus, you may injure yourself from running in worn out shoes all the time.


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