Thursday, 12 January 2012

More on being 50 years old

Following on from my positive view of being 50, click here, I have noticed a view drawbacks of being 50.  Admitting to these is hard, let alone the thought of being middle-aged.  Never mind this middle-aged stuff, I'm just getting going!

However, I have noticed a few things that might be relevant to being 50 years old.  These are:

  • Very easy to gain weight (but please don't worry, my BMI is 22.2).  Must be my metabolism is slowing down?
  • Becoming longer sighted all the time.  I hope I can become far sighted, in the other sense of the term.
  • My eye brows are growing much more!
  • Things take longer to heal - my injured hand from about a year ago still isn't better.
  • My hair is thinning out more noticeably
  • I need a day in between long runs or cycle rides
  • Recently someone offered to give me their seat on a tube train 

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