Thursday, 26 January 2012

Easy run, interval run

This has been quite a week at work and it's not over yet!  This week we've been under the spotlight with our EFQM assessment going on, which I have had a major part in.  I have been, shall we say, like a cat on a hot tin roof.  The assessors are annoyingly professional in not giving any obvious clues about our score and thankfully we won't need to wait too long for the result - they'll be calling the CEO tomorrow afternoon.

So enough of all that stress inducing stuff, what about running and so on?

Tuesday - got home, totally drained, a little later having chaperoned EFQM assessor around all day (borrowed wife's comfy car).  Almost fell asleep.  Duly despatched for a run around the streets.  Did me the world of good.

Wednesday - cycled to the gym.  40 minutes of interval training comprising of 2 minutes hard running followed by 1 minute jog.  Hard running got faster towards the end at 9.5mph.  Really good stretch afterwards.  Most men mesmerised by incredibly fit looking woman doing yoga.

Today - woke up with calf muscles aching.  Lactic acid or stretching too far?  Don't know, disappeared once up and about so probably lactic acid.

Really looking forward to:

Friday - EFQM result, easy day at my desk

Saturday - long run of 2 hours (route planned in my head already).

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