Sunday, 3 October 2010

Type A runner?

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If someone can have a Type A personality, is it possible to be a Type A Runner?

Possible traits....
  • In racing, am I in the first 20%, regardless of age?
  • How do I compare with other veterans of my age?
  • Be prepared to start well back in the pack and hang back for the first half and then "go for it"
  • What's my running form like?
  • I could have done better
  • I'm not going to take energy gels any more to help me run faster
  • My best is yet to come
  • I'm just not satisfied
  • I must train alone
  • I must always have a future race in my diary


    1. This is spot on and I know exactly what you mean. Now i know i am not the only person around who will admit to this type A runner stuff. No one else believes me.

      1. Thanks Anon for the really good comment. I might do a more up to date post to see who else is out there.