Saturday, 28 January 2012

Less erratic running

Trying to get back on track with the MK Marathon training programme.  The schedule said to run for 70 minutes and that's what I did....


  • 70 minutes, plus cool down
  • 7mph (8min 30 sec/mile)
  • 900 calories
  • Stead heart rate of 175bpm
  • Best track: Dancing in the Street
  • 5 - 10 minute post-run stretch


  • Started easily
  • The 20 to 30 minute element was hard; overheating, felt sick but both passed
  • Ended up being an easy run and a very comfortable pace
  • I knew the purpose was getting my legs used to the pace as I build up the distance.
  • Enjoyed a queit gym - the staff said the last Friday in the month is always quiet as people go out drinking their salary.  Must be where Slobusfacticus had gone.
  • Finished having really enjoyed the run,  Somehow the tough part in the middle just melted away as I enjoyed the satisfying feeling of the Runner's High.  It was a gentle dose, just a satisfying feeling of euphoria.
  • Reflected on work: pleased we have a great EFQM result but where next?  Organisationally and for me personally.

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