Thursday, 5 January 2012

The benefits of being 50

Yep I'm now the big 50 but I'm in better shape than when I became 40.  That feels good but a bit weird knowing I'll be a super veteran in races from now on.  That sounds old but it isn't in reality.

A couple of other "benefits" have already come to light....

You might already know I'm a middle manager and get an audience at the weekly SMT meeting from time to time (that's the Strategic Management Team).  Whenever I go there's always a box of really nice looking chocolate biscuits on the table which never seems to come my way.  It's a bit of a game really.  It is as if they're saying "we might be agreeing with you but you still can't have a biscuit because we're SMT and you're not" and on the other hand it's there to tantalize me.  Anyway, this was shattered this week with the Chief being passed a note and then saying "I understand you were 50 in the Christmas break, well you'd better have a biscuit then, many happy returns Doug".  I blushed, it took me by suprise.  An SMT biscuit? Had I suddenly made it?   No, I'm just 50.

Another advantage is about insurance.  At home we need to take out a new bit of insurance (of the four legged variety) and Rachel said she was getting onto Saga "well, you're old enough now and they might do you a good deal".

So there I am.  An SMT biscuit and Saga insurance for a super vet.  Already I'm enjoying being 50.


  1. The biscuit hierarchy has a nice touch of the surreal there Doug - could be worked up into a nice Pythonesque sketch I reckon! ;o)

    Found your blog some time back when I was contemplating purchase of a Thorn Audax MkIII. I got one. Cheers for the helpful feedback on your experiences.

  2. Hi Gavin

    Thanks for that and I feel a few more encounters like that heading towards the blog.

    Glad you found the Thorn Audax information useful, hope it's going well for you.