Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A little bit of interval training

Just so you know, I'm following the intermediate training programme for the 2012 MK Marathon which is helpfully on their website.  Although I've only been doing it for a week or so, I'm enjoying it as it brings variety to my running and I know I'll progress.

My last run was two days ago at the gym and was an interval bit of training:  40 minutes alternating between fast and a slow jog at 2 minute intervals.  When I started there wasn't too much of a gap between the fast and slow but before long I had widened the gap so I was really pushing myself in the fast brisk runs and really grateful for the resting jog interval.  By the time I'd finished my brisk pace was 9.5mph against the 5mph jog.  The average speed was, I think, 7.5mph.

Mind you, I was getting some funny looks from my treadmill neighbours who were slogging it out at a steady pace, which seemed slow for most of the time.  On one side was the Slobusfaticus who was huffing and puffing, splattering everywhere but at least he had all the gear - ipad, drinks bottle, mitts, sweatband, fancy watch and while he wasn't impressed with me, I lasted longer than he did.  On the otherside was a youngish woman who was having to endure a treadmill that was incredibly wobbly (which I remember reporting last week).

So, a shortish run but really good.  I knew I'd pushed myself hard towards the end but it was a great feeling being there dripping with sweat.  That, by the way, is a really uncool thing to do in the gym, rather frowned upon but frankly I don't care.  I enjoyed a few stretches afterwards (note to self - learn a few more) and I got talking to Sam Wakefield, accomplished semi-pro down hill mountain biker.  We vaguely knew each other through church.

Really enjoying this training already but the best bit is not in the gym, no flippin' way.  It's the long runs at the weekends outside.  Did you clock my Truly Inspirational Run? Can't wait until Saturday or Sunday for the next opportunity.

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