Monday, 23 January 2012

My erratic training

Remember I'm following a training programme for the MK Marathon?  Well things went a bit awry last week but not disastrously.

On Thursday I was meant to do 70 minutes at marathon pace (they suggest a 9 minute per mile pace) but I got to the gym so late there wasn't enough time.  Besides that pace seems awfully boring on a treadmill so, I thought I'd do something different.  This was to be a 10k / 6.2 miles which I've done umpteen times on one of those treadmills.  I ran it in 46 minutes, just a little slower than my PB for this distance.  As I got towards the end I thought I might be able to break 45 minutes by going as fast as I could for the last half mile but alas no.  In fact the "as fast as I could go" was a sprint where I hit 10mph and felt my stomach and diaphragm heaving up and down (note to self - avoid a heavy meal before running) plus my legs burning like anything.  Burning like anything means Lactic acid accumulating and a good enough reason for a decent cool-down afterwards.  Okay, this was not the run on the programme but it was enjoyable!

On Saturday there was meant to be a 40 minute easy "park run" but I completely forgot and did my long relaxed instead.  It was almost dark when I set out and 15 minutes later when I'd reached the edge of an escarpment where I normally run for 1 or 2 miles, there was the full force of the wind and drizzle to contend with.  Now with the high wind and drizzle combined, it was like being sandblasted on one side.

I continued and completed my 90 minute run.  Very satisfying, enjoyable but frustrating as I can never remember the things I want to.  All those inspired ideas, just don't get remembered.  It's a bit like waking up in the morning, knowing you've been dreaming but you cannot remember anything about it.  Someone said I should take a Dictaphone - maybe they're right!  Running for over an hour can bring out lurking injuries and best allowed to rest afterwards if injuries start to emerge.

At least I had a bike ride on Sunday but only 18 miles.  Having done so little cycling over the last month, I'm amazed at how my cycling muscles have lost some of their strength but then, it was very windy (and that's my excuse!).

So what's in store for this week?

Monday (today) - rest
Tuesday - alternate 2 minute brisk run with a jog for 45 minutes
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - 70 minutes at marathon pace
Friday - rest
Saturday - Easy run for 40 minutes
Sunday - long run for 1 hr 45 minutes

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