Monday, 12 December 2011

The Slobusfaticus

I have mentioned before that gyms or fitness clubs are sometimes amusing places for their people watching opportunities, particularly when you're pounding away on a treadmill.  I'm certainly not given to continuing those observations in the changing room but I must make an exception here for the Slobusfaticus. I did wonder if he was related to the Surly Slob

The Slobusfaticus is a new species in my eyes, I have never come across him before.  Allow me to describe.  He's big, hefty and most definitely doing the right thing in joining the gym.  Perhaps a young specimen in his 20s, a good suntan I'd say for this time of year.  He has a large gym bag over flowing with all kind of bathroom smelly things, new trainers, pointy shoes and a Smart phone.  There he was, with a beach towel wrapped around his waist and he was drying himself with a hair dryer - all over!  Can you believe it?  Why would anyone do this?  Standing there blasting himself with a hair dryer and never mind the global warming!

I don't have a problem with hefty things in the gym, after all I was a tad over weight when I started and that's the driver for many people because it's such a worthwhile thing to do.  But to stand there, in front of a mirror, drying yourself with a hair dryer - why?  The only explanation I can think of is Slobusfaticus is a bone idle poser.  He wants to be in good shape and that's why he's joined but he's going nowhere if he can't be bothered to dry himself with a towel.  Slobusfaticus could be one of those who always drive to the gym, being in the vast majority.  They drive around the car park looking for an empty space as near to the front door as possible.

Watch out for other bits of people watching, as seen from the treadmill.

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  1. Even the pop up ad looked like the slobusfaticus