Sunday, 17 April 2011

What do you think about while cycling?

Asking what you think about might seem a daft question but it's been on my mind earlier today as I had a lovely opportunity to clock up a few more miles.  Really it's a question I've asked myself as I seem to gain much from cycling, both physically and mentally.  So, here goes:

  • I look around me and often enjoy the scenery.  We're fortunate as it takes hardly any time to be in the country lanes, mostly away from cars.  I love the different seasons.
  • I marvel at the wonderful world that's been created for us to live in and often reflect on us messing it up.
  • If there is a meeting or impending conversation coming up, I often rehearse what I'm going to say.  Doing it on two wheels is better than waking up at 3am and doing it!  I then think of different responses to the different things that could be said (it can get quite complicated after a while!).
  • I think of adventurous things I'd like to do or places I'd like to visit (by bike, of course)
  • I reflect on things that have happened recently, as a way of "processing" them in my mind
  • I think about my bike and listen to it - the tyres on the road, the chain whizzing around.  Am I in the right gear, or maybe twisting the chain too much (large chainring to large sprocket, what horror!)?
  • I wonder where that road might go.  Have I got time to find out?

I often feel reflective rather than inspired as I do when I run.  I don't have particularly imaginative thoughts on two wheels but I do when I run.  I do remember things better though.  It does depend a bit on other things - the weather, traffic etc.

All in all, cycling is often very therapeutic for me; a nice way to unwind, to relax and reflect.  I've cycled quite a bit over the last week and, combined with yesterday's morning run, I'm really benefiting but also feeling a tad addicted.

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  1. Cycling is a lovely time to let the cares of the world to melt away.