Sunday, 3 April 2011

A pleasant 35 miles

Village Pond at Aldbury, Bucks

I've enjoyed my weekend calorie burning efforts.  Started Saturday morning with a run lasting 1 hour, 15 minutes over very familiar hills and tracks.  Slight problem in my left foot, along the mid section on the outside. My theory is I pulled a muscle while running around in my cycling shoes (ill fitting) the previous weekend chasing B & H in a game of cops 'n' robbers.  To alleviate it I found running on the ball of my foot worked well and even better was achieving this meant that I had to run faster!  That might sound fine but I could only keep that pace up for so long.

Nevertheless I really enjoyed the run.  Mentally it set me up for the day as it normally does.  As so often happens, I think of all kinds of things (often quite creative) and then simply forget the moment I get home.  Does anyone ever run with a Dictaphone?

My bike ride this afternoon as again deliberately hilly with going UP rather than DOWN.  Mind you, it was fun and a little scary bombing down the hill into Aldbury from the Ashridge National Trust Estate.  My Cateye claimed 34mph as the maximum speed.  As stable as the Thorn Audax Mk3 is, I felt I was pushing it to the limit but I dare say others will regard this as rather tame.

All in all my ride this afternoon was 35miles and I knew I'd done it!  It shows I need to build up some miles in order to cover, say, 100+ miles in a day.  While yesterday I had that "runners high" feeling, this evening I have a quiet feeling of placidness from the miles today.

Before I forget, it was lovely being able to notice the changing seasons.  The blossom, the breezes, the April showers, the clouds and the lengthening daylight.  All is set for a great year ahead!


  1. beautiful weather at the moment so a great time to use the Thorn.
    I love to cycle in fine weather.

  2. You're right! This April has been fantastic, not too many of those so-called "April Showers" - so far. We're coming up to my favourite month which is probably worth a blog post all of its own.