Sunday, 10 April 2011

Fantastic cycling!

I had a couple of days off in the week, hastily arranged towards the end of the previous week.  I was feeling weary through work and I could feel the stress levels starting to climb again but happily not to the danger zone.  So, amongst other things I made sure I had a ride each day.  The first was about 25 miles and around 38 miles on the second.  Today I did 32.

I'm gradually starting to feel a bit fitter with cycling in mind and I do need to build the miles up if I stand any chance of completing 100+ miles in a day before too long.

Again I chose some hilly routes and I can feel they're getting a little easier.  As you know I really like the gears on the Thorn Audax, with the close ratio sprockets at the back and triple chainset at the front,  I keep the small 26T "granny" ring in reserve for when its really steep, something like 1:4, or for when I'm really tired.  The hills are really like interval training in the running world and I feel the real benefits of this.

It's nice having time alone to think things through but it's different when cycling compared to running.  Running brings those flashes of inspiration, along with problem solving.  Of course at the end there's the incredible rush of endorphins.  Cycling tends to be a more reflective time, chewing things over as the the scenery goes by.  I'm finding I need both more and more.

This April is turning out to be a fantastic month for us, weather wise. Sometimes we've had a bit of freaky snow although squally weather is more common.  However, over the last 10 days or so we've enjoyed some high pressure which has brought lots of sun and a crisp air.  I seem to have noticed the hedgerow blossom so much more this year.  Magnolias and \cherry trees are in flower right now - both look splendid and thankfully unspoilt by any high winds.  Rape seed is just starting to appear but I think we'll have a more intense yellow in a week or two.  I know many people dislike these yellow fields but for me, they're wonderful!

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