Friday, 22 April 2011

A little update, a few niggles and some blessings....

Quick update

Lots happening at work, some tensions, stress and all slightly compounded by the bank holiday disruptions.  Some differences of opinion at work over some developmental things but I think I'll win through in spite of being out ranked.  Having a couple of rides during the week and a 7.5 mile quiet run before breakfast yesterday has helped enormously. It really makes all the difference.  I've said before, I do not handle stress very well and having a run or a ride makes all the difference between succeeding and resigning.


You might remember at the end of January I had a fall awhile out running and injured my left hand.  While some recovery has taken place (the soft tissue damage) it is still painful at times when I do some things.  Even simple day to day things like washing my hands with soap and drying them with a towel hurts like anything - but in two small distinct points.  It is aggravated slightly by cycling but not too bad.  I think in spite of what the hospital says, I may have a bone fractured in a couple of places afterall and I'm mindful of going back once more.

Last Saturday I had another fall while I was out running.  It was a similar occurrence in that I just tripped and didn't react quickly enough.  Luckily this time I landed on lots of different bits of my body, each taking some of my weight (both knees, shoulder, head and my left hand).  So that's causing increased pain but could be much worse.

Next was my eye colliding with a tiny fly a few weeks ago, seems to happen quite often in the evenings these days.  I still think there must be a tiny particle stuck in there somewhere.

A few weeks ago I hurt my left foot a little (chasing B&H around while I was wearing my super stiff cycling shoes).  I pulled a muscle and it's aggravated by my NEW running shoes and not my old ones.  Hmmmm I need to give that some thought and maybe a return trip to Aro Sports in Harpenden when I'm next in that area.

Through all of these niggles, my denial of middle age is being challenged but I'M NOT GIVING IN!


It's Easter time and for me in my quiet thoughts it has been a real reminder of what Easter is about.  We know why, as Christians, why Jesus came and was crucified there on that cross, paying the price for my sinful ways.  We have the reality of Easter Sunday to look forward to as a further reminder of Jesus overcoming death and rising again in Glory.

As I left the office yesterday, I popped into the office next to mine where Rodney and Sonia sit.  They're both Christians and we just chatted for a few minutes.  As we left we all said "God Bless" exactly together, not planned, it just came out that way.  We each looked at each other then and just smiled.  It really was amazing timing!

Also, this Easter time I feel really blessed by this lovely weather.  Someone suggested on the radio that this is, of course, the summer of 2011 and it'll finish soon for good.  I don't believe that because we simply don't know.  But for now I'm just enjoying the warmth of the sun against my face, what a lovely feeling.  I love the blossom in all the hedges and that soft hazy pastel sunlight.  I love the odd sneeze from hay fever, reminding me of those bright yellow fields.

I went to have my eyes tested on Tuesday morning, on my way into work at Spec Savers once again.  The result is there's no change in my prescription and my eyes show very good health.  That's great to know and certainly counts as another blessing.

Some of my friends rib me about "you lot in the public sector with all those holidays" but I'm not complaining at all though I reckon many enjoy a higher private sector salary!  What with Easter, the Royal wedding and the Spring Bank holiday, it's a nice break from work and some time with my family.

I wanted to say something about this, my blog, and I'm counting it as a blessing.  Just as I was building up some kind of a following and many hits were coming from search engines favouring me with the first or second page, last weekend I needed to change the URL address without any warning.  When I did that I mailed the new address to a handful of friends who kindly responded (thanks everyone) by clicking the new link and then it all went flat with no more than 1 or 2 hits per day.  I was resigned to really having to be patient and start all over again.  Then yesterday over 30 hits from all around the world!  Now that doesn't mean I'm anywhere near where I was but it's an encouraging start.  So thank you for reading this far.  I'm going to make a real effort to record my progress in an engaging way, so please do come again!

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