Thursday, 28 April 2011

Cycling to school

For a while now Becky and I have been looking out for a good day to cycle to the 9.5 miles school and today it all came together.

I rode with her as it's simply not right to send a 12 year old on that route for the first time on her own and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.

Planning it started yesterday with Becky needing to figure out all the details.  Arriving by 8.30am (or before) meant that she'd need to leave at a particular time and so she planned what time we had breakfast, got up and went to bed the night before along with what to wear, what the weather would be like and so on.  Just as well as it was flippin' cold and I was grateful I had my woolly gloves on - you could even see your breath and such a contrast to a week ago.

I'm so proud of her as she felt great when we got there, she said it was like a little adventure and was pleased she'd done it.

The route we took was the flattest but that did involve a few miles on a busy A road, which was a drag.  I rode behind her, slightly further out into the road with my rear Cateye flashing away.  Then through some country lanes and undoubtedly annoying those 4x4 BMW, Audi, Volvo drivers (of which there are many gleaming examples around here).  I've found myself reassuring her a few times recently that as cyclists we have as much right to use the road as anyone else, though we do need to be considerate towards other people but not to be bullied by impatient drivers having to wait just a few seconds before they can over take us.

It's a brilliant sense of achievement for her.  Although she's ridden further distances before, it is the satisfaction of making it to school under her own steam for once.  Nobody else cycles to that school apart from one or two who live locally and occasionally cycle there.

So well done Becky - I'm so proud of you!

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