Friday, 29 April 2011

Goals to aim for - update

Here's a quick update of how I'm doing with the goals I set myself on 2nd April:

1. Detox myself
I had a caffeine free trial, just to see what it was like.  The first few hours were "noticeable" and then I carried on for a few days with no tea or coffee - but there was an exception.  The exception was a weak mug of tea, in bed, each morning.  I felt fine.

Now drastically cutting back on caffeine does not constitute a detox at all.  Since then I have been continued being virtually vegetarian and it feels a natural progression as I take better care.  Why should I become a vegetarian?  That sounds like a good future blog post.  We already eat quite a lot of organic food and wherever possible buy Fairtrade.  I have done some very basic research on detoxing and it's a little confusing.  I just wanted to flush out some of those E numbers which have probably built up over time; a bit like having all that plaque removed by a dental hygienist.  I came across the Grapefruit detox diet and I'm just not sure!  Will report back later on this.

2. Weigh 10 stone
Updating on this is easier.  This morning I weighed in at 10st 5.5lbs but I know my weight does fluctuate from day to day according to what exercise I've done and of course, what I've scoffed. This means my BMI is 22.2 and that's OK I believe.  So, I've lost 4.5lbs, almost half way.

3. Run a marathon
I haven't got one in mind yet but I guess a specific one would give me something to aim for.  On Easter Monday I ran about 9.5 miles and felt as if I could go further, especially if it was less hilly.  Last year I did three half marathons and this seems a logical next step (though possibly irrational instead).

4. Cycle 100 miles in a day
Yesterday I did about 55 miles and my legs ached a bit today, so not quite up to the century as yet but hopefully I will over the next couple of months.  The biggest barrier is finding the time and not neglecting my family too much.

5. Read the Bible everyday on my own
I'm not doing very well with this!  We read together every day around the breakfast table; just a few verses and sometimes we'll talk about it before dashing off to school, work etc.  I had in mind reading myself at the end of the day but other things sometime get in the way (particularly falling asleep!) so a different strategy is needed.  Nevertheless when I do read, I'm enjoying Proverbs once again.  As with many parts of the Bible, no matter how many times we've read a book or a chapter, there's always something new.

Somehow the image below seems relevant.  Rachel found a rotting apple which had found its way in to the garage.  Amazing how a rotting apple still contains a viable seed which springs into life....

6. Stretch everyday
This is what I have failed the most on out of all my goals.  I reckon, from past experience, the best time to stretch is after a run.

7.  Floss my teeth everyday
Apart from just 1 or maybe 2 days, I have managed this!  Furthermore, I am getting increasingly thorough.

Why am I aiming for these goals?
 There's a number of reasons; they're all about being faithful and seeking to do the right thing.  Not wanting to be a grumpy old man in a nursing home with too many regrets for not doing things while I had the chance.  Sure I have regrets, I could have done this or that differently but these things are becoming more important.  

The driver behind these things?
I don't always handle stress easily, particularly at work.  Running especially is an outlet; a kind of pressure release valve.  Sometimes people tell me I expect too much of myself or are too hard on myself.  They might be right but that's the way I am so these are steps to keep things in perspective and function better.  I need to do it, not only for my sake but also for my family.

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