Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Cycling repair kit

I am trying to get the balance right here in terms of what I should take, just in case there's some kind of problem while I'm out riding.  My normal default approach is to be too light on these things but for now, here's my emergency kit, which is tucked into my compact Carradice Overlander saddle bag.

  • yellow waterproof jacket (if rain is possible)
  • Specialized spare inner tube (free offer from Evans Cycles)
  • Slime Scab puncture repair patches
  • 4 & 5mm allen keys
  • Park Tool tyre levers x2
  • mobile phone (small and very cheap basic Nokia)
  • glasses (I'm long sighted and will need them for any repairs) in a hard case
  • ID
  • small LED headlamp, ideal for any repairs at night
  • latex gloves, handy for not getting oil all over my fingers and then putting normal gloves back on
  • money
  • energy bar
  • frame fit Zefal pump
  • Ordnance Survey map

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