Friday, 15 April 2011

New blog name

My apologies for abruptly stopping Doug's ramblings as it turned out I had inadvertently used the same title as someone else.  He'd been using the title for two more years and it seemed reasonable for me to change the name.

So, congratulations on making it here, especially if you were normally used to reading the old title.

Everything seems to have moved across OK apart from my small list of blogs which I also like to read.  Therefore I'm open to suggestions of other blogs worth following.  I suppose I like to read blogs that might give me some encouragement to carry on plodding and keeping reasonably fit.

I really used to enjoy taking a look at Fiona Outdoors.  I really like her natural writing style as she runs, cycles and more recently swimming.  She seems to have a nice way of putting things, quite funny at times, and certainly seems a very accomplished journalist.  Take a look....

So, suggestions please (via email or comments below) but remember I'm particularly after:

  • Good quality, interesting writing.  No garbage please.
  • Inspiring stories
  • Cyclists / runners like me except they are ideally ahead in achieving something
  • People I can admire and are disciplined, faithful etc
PS Oh dear, looks like the tiny amount of money I'd made from people clicking on the automated ads has disappeared in switching to the new name.  Damn damn and double damn.  

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