Saturday, 2 April 2011

Goals to aim for

I've been thinking of setting myself some goals, things to aim for... maybe to achieve these during 2011.

  1. Detox myself - I'm going to look into this
  2. Weigh 10 stone - that's about 10 lbs less than where I'm starting from
  3. Run a marathon - I've secretly wanted to do this for a while but not brave enough to say it
  4. Cycle 100 miles in a day - I've done this before but not in the last 25 years
  5. Read the Bible every day, on my own - we already read as a family at breakfast time
  6. Stretch everyday - I think this is a good thing to do
  7. Floss my teeth every day - I've had 3 fillings this year and I don't want anymore


  1. All sounds good but if I could just offer you a little warning about marathon running...its very obsessive and to get good times you must put in lots of training. That means before/after work and weekends.
    The training etc, can have a major impact upon your home life and its easy to overdo it and get ill or injured.
    Your wife may begin to comment on how you have changed...
    Anyway,enough of that.You go on ahead and do your thing. I'm gonna go and have a run!

  2. Many thanks, I appreciate your words of wisdom. I take it you're speaking from your own experience? You might have seen on previous posts that I did 3 half marathons last year (all 1hr 45min give or take a bit) so I wonder what it'll be like building up to a full marathon?

  3. Everyone of these is good but have you got them in the right order?