Friday, 29 March 2013

Running with a cold / flu / feeling ill?

Withdrawal symptoms
I haven't run for eight days - EIGHT DAYS - can you believe that?  Since becoming a runner, this must be the longest time I have gone without running and I'm really missing it.  You see, I had a real hum-dinger of a cold that progressed onto flu.  I'm not talking "man flu" either, this is flu, man.  Everyone else in the family has had it and now it's been my turn.  

I can't tell you how much I miss running and what's more, I am starting to feel the forthcoming marathon slip through my fingers.  Having said that, I'm not beaten just yet as there is time to redeem myself if I'm lucky.

Running with a cold, or flu or feeling ill?
There is a rule of thumb which says you can run if you're feeling okay from the neck down.  So, if you have a cold, runny nose, headache, then you're okay.

If you're suffering from below the neck - shivers, aches, feeling sick, coughing or respiratory problems, then you'd better rest and get better to avoid making anything any worse.

I hate being ill, I hate taking time off work as I always feel guilty.  I've really hated it this time because I have been too wacked to even do anything apart from flop around feeling uuuuugh.  

Does running lower immunity?
No, not really.  I believe that running helps me stay healthy - I run well, eat well, sleep well and stay in good shape.  However, there does seem to be a point when you go a little too far and then start to compromise the natural immunity and resistance that's there.

It is very hard to say where the tipping point is.  For instance if you run 25 miles a week you'll be okay but running 30 miles is pushing yourself too hard.  Depends on so many different variables: age, base fitness, climate, lifestyle and so on.  

I think our natural outlook on life makes a difference but I can't prove it at all.  You know, I have a positive view of things and this includes my health - I think this helps me stay healthy.  I have known other people who almost seem to "think" themselves into being ill.  They are ill because they want to be ill?  Maybe.

Anyway, here's a link from Runner's World that gives a little more information - click here

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