Saturday, 23 March 2013

Drat, drat and double drat

I have managed to pick up a real hum-dinger of a cold and feel grounded.  I am not very happy.

After work on Wednesday I went for a run, just 5 miles, and I knew something was coming on.  Thursday at work I started coughing to the point a colleague wouldn't sit anywhere near me!  Yesterday (Friday, that is) I was coughing away very loudly and I demonstrated that to everyone who spoke to me.   Today I have a runny nose and a horrible cough.  Drat.

What's more, the photo shows what our back garden looks like.  Astonishingly it has snowed AGAIN which makes running doubly difficult.  Drat, drat and double flippin' drat.

This all means running this weekend is a write-off and it's almost a bit of deja vu as last year I fell behind with my training, bounced back and over did it.  So for this year I'll take a little more care bouncing back; I know I have a reasonable base fitness and I easily run half marathons at weekends so bridging the gap to a full marathon will hopefully be achievable.

This 'self talk' is important.  I believe there is a strong link between having a positive attitude and staying well, which ordinarily I do well.  This time my hum-dinger of a cold has got the better of me.  Actually is it a cold?  Perhaps it is.  Can't possibly be "man flu", surely....?

the meaning of "drat"

According to my Apple computer it is a mild feeling of anger or annoyance, as used by Dick Dastardly.  That just about sums it up right now!


  1. It's not 'Man Flue' Doug, You have a genuine cold and it's an opportunity to give your body a break for a short while. You won't lose any fitness.
    When you run the MK I think you will be surprised at how much more experienced you feel having run the distance before. You will almost certainly improve on your previous time (Which was very respectable) for that reason alone.
    Anyway,get well soon. 'H'

  2. Thanks H but alas it is flu. I've given in. Not the end of the world just yet.

    Thanks also for your encouragement. Whenever I go more than I few days without having a run I often think I'm back at square one. Nevertheless I certainly need to get my skates on and do a few good runs over Easter - providing this snow eventual goes for good!