Thursday, 7 March 2013

It feels like Spring is now coming!

I know Spring is coming because:

  1. I see more runners every day.  This encourages me when I'm out running myself and I hope I can might be some kind of an encouragement to others, simply through being out there in my Sauconys.  Mind you, you get a mixed bunch pounding the streets at this time of year.  You get keen runners like me.  We eye each other up and exchange nods as we pass each other.  Then you get the nooooobie runners looking a bit conspicuous.  I could, of course, be scornful and poke a bit of fun at them.  After all, I could say it is in the interest of an entertaining read.  But I won't; I can see myself in them at what seems like last week - nervously jogging and wobbling in my clean white trainers.  "Good luck" I think to myself as we exchange a smile.
  2. The weather is warmer.  On Monday and Tuesday I ran after work, just for 45 minutes and a pleasant 5 or 6 miles or so.  Warm enough for a single layer and even shorts!  Wow that caused a stir in the office after I'd got changed as I had forgotten to announce a knobbly knee warning beforehand.  What made it worse was waiting for a colleague who was coming with me one day.  He took ages and ages to get changed so there I was sitting at my desk in my short shorts, muddy Sauconys etc with all kinds of odd comments from colleagues escaping from the office.  You'd think they'd know by now.  Yep wearing shorts is great for running; I loathe wearing Tracksters unless it is seriously sub zero.
  3. The weather is very changeable.  Following on from pleasant spring-like sunshine and lunch time temperatures of 15C, today it is grey, raining and 5C.  There's talk of a little more snow.  Grrrrr.
  4. I feel so optimistic!  Not much to add other than I am feeling hopeful about a whole load of things and having a good run serves to boost those positive feelings.  Right now in my corner of Justice and the Public Sector things are looking a bit gloomy and we're collectively wondering how long we'll have our jobs for.  One of my colleagues is leaving today, "jumping ship" so to speak and nobody would blame him.  Me, well in spite of all the challenges I cannot help but feel optimistic but where and how things will pan out is something I have no real idea about!


  1. Yes, I'm looking forward to Spring too. I'm not a winter person although I refuse to not wear shorts even during December.
    I regard toned legs as a 'Badge of honour'and don't feel self-concious about showing them.
    Point no. 4 reminds me that maintaining a good level of morale is an important survival skill. Of course, sometimes easier said than done but you get the gist.
    I have been doing a bit of bike riding and will probably be doing that night ride from Hackney to
    Dunwich later this year. Should be a good experience.
    I would think that regarding fear of redundancy, then the 'Fat blokes who sneak of to the pub during lunch break' would get the chop long before you,Doug. Hope that helps?
    regards 'H'

  2. Not that I can detect, Doug.
    My knees and ankles have been good to me over the years. My weak area is that if I push it too much then I can get a minor throat or chest infection if I'm not careful.

  3. But running in shorts in the cold can cause problems for muscles if they are also cold. You are not at your best unless you have warmed up enough.