Monday, 25 March 2013

My flu cycle

Last October I had a flu jab; courtesy of my employer who wisely regards it as a cost effective investment in keeping its workforce healthy.

Despite having a flu jab, I have gone down with it.  No amount of kidding myself that it was a bad cold can deny I have flu, not even 'man flu' but the real thing.  Here's how it has gone:

Minus 1 Day - Wednesday
See previous blog post: went for a run and knew I was pushing myself.  In retrospect a case of male denial?

Day 1 - Thursday
Coughing, completely unexplained as I felt okay otherwise

Day 2 - Friday
Cough worsens, colleague(s) start to avoid me!  Starting to feel a little achy and a bit low but outwardly in denial  "of course I'm fine but thank you for asking, cough cough cough".  Losing my appetite.  Generally feeling unwell but still within the context of a heavy cold as I now had a runny nose!  Tea starting to taste a bit weird.

Day 3 - Saturday
Quite a rough night and drinking gallons of water as I felt so hot and clammy, still shivery from time to time and now starting to admit I had flu.  Acknowledging this is quite a big step for me, never wanting to give in to anything that easily.  Felt very tired, lethargic and lifeless for most of the day with much of it in bed.  Still coughing quite a lot but not too bad.

Day 4 - Sunday
After a decent night's sleep I woke feeling just the same - achy, headache, thirsty and sweaty.  I knew my body was fighting at full strength.  Felt floppy for most of the day and lethargic too.  Watching TV would have required far too much effort so I had the radio on instead.  I like listening to Desert Island Discs whenever I get the chance but managed to fall asleep just after it had started!

Day 5 - Monday; today!
Another good night's sleep which I am sure does more good than any "cold cure" medication.  Still a little fragile, a sniffy nose and the occasional cough-ette.  A little more energised but not exactly to the point of running through the 3 inches of snow we still have outside.  Also felt incredibly hungry having completely lost my appetite, so here is my breakfast:

Lightly fried mushrooms, baked beans on home-made toasted bread

Oh, and a smoothie too - blackberries, strawberries and blackcurrants.

Called into work to say I'm off sick for the day and cancel my commitments.  I hate having to do this, I really do.  Still, as I'm starting to feel a bit better and everyone is out of the house, what can I get up to....?

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