Sunday, 10 March 2013

MK marathon training run

An interesting and challenging run today...

Distance: 14.01 miles
Time: 1 hour 55 minutes
Elevation: 535 feet
Significant hills: 2
Other runners seen: 3
Cyclists seen: 2 (Barry and Angela!)
Number of flat iPhone batteries: 1

I had been looking forward to yesterday's run all week and I was really pleased that nothing had thwarted me.  I did my usual faffing around at home checking the BBC weather page and even stepping outside to see what the temperature was like.  I also borrowed Rachel's iPhone as I'd wanted to check the actual mile because I'm not wanting to fool myself with the marathon approaching.

the Loser

We got Edomondo installed first of all as I was curious for a few stats (Endomondo being one of those smart phone training Apps).  As it turns out, he's a complete loser, a scoundrel, bastard and totally unreliable, just as Rachel said he was.  Once I was in the countryside, every now and again I could hear a voice which had me puzzled first of all.  Sounded like a distant radio or something and yet there was nobody else around; then I realised it must be telling me how well I was doing, perhaps even giving me some encouraging and motivational words.

After 8 miles, Endomondo couldn't stand the pace.  He gave up but I couldn't have cared less as I was having a good run.  Back home they were trying to track me, seeing where I was and what my pace was until, that is, Endomondo had deserted me which led them to wonder if I'd been abducted.  They concluded it must have been a flat battery and continued snoozing.

Luckily I had made the right choice on route, though it was a little make-it-up-as-you-go-along.  Two significant hills, one of these was a real lung buster and good to do but I know it slowed me down a bit.  Talking of me being slowed down, let me tell you about the mud.  Yes, the mud.  I encountered quite a mixture today with sloppy, slushy and slippery kinds.  The slippery kinds are the worst and can send me flying all over the place.  The sloppy kind can suck your shoes off and the slushy kind is just good fun - great arriving back home splattered in mud!

the Losers on wheels

Probably worth saying something about my fellow road users.  Really great to see Barry and Angela out on their shiny new bikes.  Angela was on a Trek (women's specific design, complete with girly colours) and I couldn't quite work out what Barry was using.  Both certainly looked the part and nice to see them out on the roads!  Barry and Angela aren't losers but I was less keen on the BMW drivers today, in particular those driving those huge living room sized petrol guzzlers and where they were more concerned with avoiding puddles than avoiding me (after all, I'm just a runner and do not matter at all?).

I can feel a tightness in my calf muscles in both legs.  Roughly speaking we all have three muscles running from our knees towards are feet and one of these is protesting a bit.  Last year I think I over stretched a little so this year I have not stretched at all, so probably somewhere in between is about right.


Can I say something about my kit as it's is all working well?  My Sauconys remain superb and the best running shoes I've had.  My Montane jacket has won me over in spite of its shortcomings.  I wore shorts as it felt the right thing to do (I like to feel 'free' when I'm running) and gloves.  Oh and of course, I had a base layer too.  All came together; not too hot, not too cold, just right.  I haven't bought anything for running for absolutely ages and it goes to show what a cost-effective sport running is.

All in all, a good training run and already looking forward to the next long run, next weekend.  I love these long runs, especially before breakfast when the rest of the day is before me.  It goes without saying my reward was a red hot shower and a good dose of the Runner's High (which I could feel for several hours!).  A chance also to think, to be inspired, to work through those problems, to rise above those things that can drag me down.



  1. Hi Doug, I love you thoughts on smartphone Apps, I can't stand any of this technology, tried it a few times(with lots of help from other half) battery times are v poor. Lots of glitz but no guts!!!. Plus plenty of expletives from me, can just about cope with a phone.

    I bit the bullet and purchased the Garmin Forerunner 10, @ £80 which is an "entry level" running watch. It is so much better than faffing about with smartphones, one button press to locate sats, one to start and one to finish. Basic feed-back is all I need.

    Anyways well done on the long-run, can relate also to the calf tightness, most probable due to more forefoot planting, to avoid landing on your arse in the mud!!



  2. Many thanks Mark.

    How about doing a review of your Garmin as a guest blog?

    Regards, Doug.