Monday, 25 March 2013

Review - nakd snack bars

Not far from my office is a health food shop and I often pop in to buy something at lunch time, possibly for our food cupboard at home or simply because I'm still hungry and fancy a snack to keep me going through the afternoon.  The staff in the shop recognise me nowadays and they admit to wondering what I will buy this time, since I have made my way through many of their snacks.  So.  So here we go with a review of what must be my absolute favourite of all my extra lunch time snacks.....

what are nakd snacks?

Nakd are a British company making whole food snacks.   When pointing out their origin, it's a case of being "gleefully" made in Britain - I quite like that!

Their snacks use ingredients that are natural and are not processed beyond the minimum needed to combine them together for the snack itself.  Many other snacks - even those sold in health food shops - have many sugars, syrups and other gloopy sticky things amongst other mysterious ingredients.  Nakd point out that many of their rivals will include up to 30 odd ingredients that appear to me to be largely pointless.  Nakd are made by a cold pressing process, meaning it's not stuck together with refined sugars or syrups.

Take a look at their website (link below) and you'll see a touch of humour in a young company doing very well with what it does - they have their mission and from my point of view as a consumer, they're doing fine.  I do like companies that aren't too serious about their corporate approach.  In fact, if I were to start some kind of business myself, it would be just like Nakd!

and the taste?

Surprisingly good!  There's no mistaking the fruitiness in the Berry Cherry bar at all.  Quite a firm texture and there is a nice moist feel to it but better still with a favourite drink to savour it all the more.  One of the things Nakd play on is that whole foods don't have to taste dry, bland and be boring - these are far from it.

They have a good "solid" feel to them and are reasonably robust for being carried in saddlebags, bumbags and so on.  If they do break up, they don't explode into crumbs - i.e. you can still gobble them up easily.

They're also very filling.  Some snacks are made, in some way, to be scoffed and you're left feeling just as hungry.  That's because they're made of rubbish.  The Nakd bars, on the other hand, are quite filling and substantial as it is pretty much the whole raw food that you're eating.

the ingredients?

In the Berry Cherry bar, the ingredients are:

37% Dates
26% Oats
12% Raisins
9% Peanuts
8% Apple juice, concentrate
2% Raspberries
2% Strawberries
2% Almonds
2% Walnuts
and a hint of natural flavour

This is just an example, after all there's a fairly wide range.

And the ethics?

According to the Ethical Consumer magazine, Nakd snacks (and fellow brand Trek) are amongst the very top scoring brands at 14.5.  Contributing to that score is being Vegan friendly.  Mmmmm that makes them taste even nicer!

I promised you their website link

Here it is - click here


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