Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Review - Sunita Sesame Bar

Here's another quick review of a healthy snack which some readers might find useful in deciding whether it's worth trying it out.

Again this is the kind of snack I might get tempted with at lunchtime while I'm out stretching my legs and getting away from the reports I write, draft, amend, debate, argue, tear up, shred, delete, re-write, resubmit, explain, present or those I read from other people etc. etc.

These Sesame bars don't come more simpler than these in terms of their ingredients.  Simply sesame seeds (60%) and honey (40%).  That's it, nothing else: not even a dash of flavouring, colouring, preservative or anything else - just sesame seeds and honey.

I was pleasantly surprised as I am not really a fan of sesame seeds as I imagine they will always be like little horrible bits of grit to break bits of my teeth (which I'd like to stay in tact for another 40 or 50 years).  So I was quite pleased, they're not too threatening for my teeth and instead they are fairly chewy instead.  As the bar is fairly thin they're easy to bite and get to grips with in your mouth and chewing your way through a bar is fairly pleasant.  Being "fairly pleasant" doesn't mean it's exciting at all - to be honest I think they're a bit on the bland side.

Ever keen to give a balanced view on such matters, I asked Mrs Ramblings for a second opinion and slightly cautiously said she'd give it a go.  Sometimes it has to be said, Mrs Ramblings is a little dubious of my strange vegetarian / vegan healthy choices.

"Mmmmmm not bad but a bit on the chewy side" she says, followed by "besides sesame seeds are good for you, you know that don't you?".

Of course I know they're good for me but I can't quite remember why, so courtesy of the wonderful internet here's why:
  • high in protein, about 20% of the weight
  • Vitamin B - thiamin, niacin, folic acid, B6 and riboflavin
  • minerals - magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and magnesium
  • unsaturated fat

And then there's the honey:

Yep this is very healthy and I have blogged about this before - click here

But remember, honey isn't compatible with a vegan diet but okay with vegetarian diets.  Actually the Sunita brand offers an organic bar which presumably means the honey is organic as well as the sesame seeds.  This is a whole other subject on its own!

For now the sesame bars are okay - nutritious and perfectly okay for vegetarians.  Fine also for a lightweight snack that contains plenty of energy, weight for weight, to give you a good boost when you need it.  The flavour isn't going to set your taste buds alight at all but it's still a fairly pleasant snack.  Doesn't make the task of reading and writing reports any easier though!

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