Sunday, 28 April 2013

New Sauconys and an old run

Opening my new Sauconys - just like Christmas all over again!

Run in numbers:

Miles: 15 (or thereabouts; no faith in Mr Endomondo)
Time: 2 hours 15 minutes (ditto)
Calories: 2002
Snooty cyclists: 1
Friendly cyclists: about 10
Pee / poo stops: 2 / 1 (more about this another time)

I wish I'd had bought my new shoes a little sooner as I realise now how worn out my old ones were.  These are simply a means to an end, just don't go thinking I like the look of these.  They look a bit too brash for my liking and naturally a bit too new.  I'm sure they'll be looking better once I've had a muddy run.

Before venturing out in these, I was apparently seen running up and down our hallway at home just to make sure they were right.   Don't go thinking we have a long hallway - just a few strides and I was almost out of the front door or crashing into the kitchen sink!  I'll tell you more in detail about these shoes another time.

The run....

Nice pleasant run, heading out before breakfast.  Glad I wore some gloves as it was flippin' cold at one point.  It often happens these days that I find the first 2 or 3 miles quite hard and find myself thinking "how on Earth am I going to manage 15+ let alone a marathon?".  Somehow it gets easier and I remember at mile 9 looking down at my feet and felt I was running well.

My pace was meant to be a 'long run' pace but to be honest I thought I would have done that distance faster especially as it wasn't too hilly.  Never mind.  I enjoyed it nevertheless and looking forward to the MK Marathon - 6th May - not long now!  As before my strategy is now to get around rather than beating last year's time (that will be for next year but I haven't confessed that to Rachel as yet).

After the run....

Calf muscles a bit achey through the day.  Might need to do some gentle stretches, providing I can remember.  Nice quiet Runner's High buzz throughout the day

Those cyclists....

Imagine me running along a quiet country lane.  Hadn't seen a car for ages and it was quiet and still.  Then suddenly out of nowhere there was a billowing yell "RUNNER!"coming from behind me.  Made me jump out of my skin, to say the least.

This was the leader of a pack of roadies, about 10 meters ahead and warning the pack following on from behind.

I said "hello" to the first which was responded to by each as the pack shot past "hello,  hello,  hello,  hello,  hello,  hello,  hello,  hello".  They were all dressed in a business like way, in the cycling sense that is.  All had black tights, heads down with helmets and shades and brightly coloured tops and jackets.

The were like an express train steaming passed in an unstoppable way.  No sooner as they appeared, they were gone and I was left ambling along at my 9 minute / mile pace.  I was impressed by that group; they knew what they were doing and were riding well.  Obviously they've been riding my blog, so thanks guys!

And then there was another cyclist, a few miles on.  Clearly he had not heeded the pleas from any of my blog offerings.  I know he's just made it up a fairly steep hill and, shall we say, looked like he needed some exercise but that's still not an excuse for ignoring a friendly runner in his new Sauconys.  He was coming towards me, I smiled and said "morning".  He stared at me and then just carried on looking ahead.  Some people!

Quick comment about the new shoes....

These are Saucony Omni Progrid 11's.  Designed as stability shoes for moderate pronators like me.  A nice easy soft run with a good secure feeling.  Good fit.

However (and this applies to the outgoing shoes) I find myself running more by landing on my mid-foot rather than a heel-to-toe action.  These shoes are, strictly speaking, designed for the heel-to-toe action but they still seem to do the job well.  They seem good at correcting the inward roll which I think would trouble me otherwise.

So far so good.                                          

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