Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Nearly better!

I'm feeling happy and so here's a "happy" kind of cloudy photo to reflect my mood (sort of).  After feeling very ill for almost two weeks, during the afternoon yesterday I suddenly felt much better!  It seemed quite a dramatic change having felt so achey and with all those lingering flu symptoms for far too long.  So much so I was able to join Rachel, Becky and Hannah who were off to see Les Miserables and we were quickly able to get an extra ticket just in time.  Mind you, Les Mis isn't the ideal film or performance to see when you're under the weather but it didn't matter: the important thing was that I was suddenly feeling much better! Yipeeeeee!

So today, the sun has been shining all day and we couldn't stand the thought of us all moping around at home, so we piled into the car and went off to Wimpole Hall, a National Trust place in Cambs.  Jolly cold, just as well I was well wrapped up.  We saw most of what was there to see but not the restaurant as we had sandwiches (still slightly frozen) and some other bits and pieces to eat sitting in the car.

Before we left, Becky and I decided we'd use the loo and so we jogged the 100 yards or so and even that felt good.

Naturally I am going to have to pace myself very well - not too much, not too little, just the right amount to get back into the swing of running as it is just over 4 weeks to the marathon.  To be honest, I'm still having some doubts about it but then there's always H who keeps encouraging me and he always seems to be right!  I have had a little look on Runner's World to see if there's another marathon to tempt me a little later in the summer.

So I'm on leave again tomorrow and Thursday, back to work on Friday.  So I think I might have a little jog sometime tomorrow.  Nothing too adventurous, just to see how it feels and get loosened up a little. A little more the following day, then I've gotta have a decent run at the weekend.  I still can't believe how this virus / flu has knocked the stuffing out of me for this long - can't remember ever having the flu drag on this long.  Mind you, some other people I know have experienced pretty much the same so I am not alone but the shocking thing is that I always think of myself as being ultra-healthy.

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