Friday, 5 April 2013

Wifely pep talk

I know you will be understanding of me here; if you're a runner you might even go further and be sympathetic.  You see I've had a pep talk from Rachel which might be well deserved, except that I could never possibly admit that.

Just to put this in context, I'm meant to be doing a marathon in 4 weeks time.  I was already behind my training schedule and then I stopped running altogether because of a dose of flu which lasted two weeks.  Today was my first day back at work and fairly easy going (it did include an audience with an MP for a bit of gentle "persuasion") but I feel and look very tired afterwards.  Driving home I had to get some more petrol which seemed a real effort.

Rachel claims I was a bit of a wreck after last year's marathon but I thought it was a great experience.   So that's the background.  Here goes the conversation....

"With the marathon,  I was thinking about just getting around rather than coming in under 4 hours.  What do you think darling?"  I asked, lovingly

"Too right, you mustn't go for a PB, you're not prepared" and continues "besides, if you do too much I'm confiscating your running shoes after the marathon"

"That's okay as I'll need a couple of rest days afterwards"

"No, that's not what I meant....."

Extra - I'm sure my darling wife has forgotten that I have 3 pairs of running shoes, so if I surrender one pair I can still run!  He he he.

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