Friday, 12 April 2013

Mid week running update

Even a small lunge helps stretch muscles
Last weekend was about getting the running shoes back on and proving to myself I could still run.  This week has been about getting back into the habit, as well as being able to handle being back at work (quite a shock to the system).

I still have a bit of a cough and a reminder that I've had a nasty virus / flu which has knocked the stuffing out of me well and truly.  If I needed any consolation, I've been aware I am not the only one who has succombed to this and also it's been quite heartening how concerned some of my colleagues have been as I hardly ever have any time off for illness.

So after last weekend's 6.99 mile run, I needed to get back into the swing of things if I am to stand any chance of getting around the forthcoming marathon.  I have had three runs after work and each was exactly the same course of about 5 miles, which takes about 40 minutes (give or take a little).  Here's how it went:


Most of the day was spent at my desk catching up on the usual avalanche of emails and as always I succeeded in having a meeting to go to at some point in the day.  I don't like too many meetings and I used to covet the time when I could just sit at my desk, surrounded by my stuff and get on with what I needed to do.  And then there's the opposite extreme when I spend a few days sitting at my desk which I hate even more.  So I always like to have something to attend, some kind of interaction with people other than those from my immediate team.  All day long I was looking forward to my run.

It was cold as I set off in shorts and a single layered top.  The first mile was incredibly tough for me and it involve a gentle slope gradually climbing.  Ordinarily not hard but my legs felt like jelly and I knew I was going sower than normal.  I was also coughing from time to time; clearly still not completely better.  Got to the top of the hill and turned into a park area for over a mile of foot paths and a gentle downhill direction.  Back to the office on the flat and felt really difficult every step.  I was also feeling a bit dry and dehydrated and then remembered I'd had a mug of tea over 3 hours ago and nothing else.  Got back to the office roughly 40 minutes later.  Went in for a pee and jumped in my car to drive home.  Didn't enjoy this run at all.


My colleague Chris came along with me which was good as I could moan about how difficult yesterday's run was.  We talked about work a little and all in all I forgot we were running up hill.  It was a little warmer and there was a pleasant bit of hazy sun which lifted my mood.

We both commentated that we were feeling a bit still and so we promised ourselves we'd stretch once we got back to the office.  It was a great run in comparison and once again I am feeling a convert to the idea of having a running partner.  Stretching was of real benefit, especially doing some lunges, but much further than the above photo.  


Rest day, no running.  Back home earlier which was nice.


Through engineering a daily meeting, I found myself having to go to the County Council offices which are about half a mile away from my office.  Looking out of the window I could see some light drizzle but thought I'd walk anyway.  We all agreed on things and some positive progress being was made which I was pleased about and so I power-walked back to the office.  As I was almost there my phone rang and I had to explain to my colleague why I was huffing and puffing a bit before we could have a meaningful conversation.  He just didn't get it!

All this drizzly walking was strangely lovely; I quite like misty days.   However by the end of the afternoon there was some lovely hazy (but cold) sunshine and I set off again for my 40 minute run.  Pretty good all-in-all even though I was running alone.  I got some encouragement from seeing some other runners and I reckon I was faster and more nimble - I liked that thought as I'm still getting better.

Back to the office - all sticky, stinky and sweaty.  Jumped in my car and drove home grinning like a Cheshire cat.  I turned the cassette on (yes my car is that old it really does have a cassette player) and straight away Louis Armstrong "what a wonderful world" played and how right that was.


No running today but planning to have a good long run tomorrow morning.  We're going into London for the day so I'll need to sneak out super-early to get that done before breakfast etc.  

I just don't know how I'll fare in the marathon but nevertheless I'm not backing out.  I know I'll be slower than last year but I feel really spurred on and keen to get back up to my peak.  Running again feels great and is just about keeping me on top of the usual work-related stress.  As you know I really did miss it while I was poorly.  Off for an early night......

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