Thursday, 2 May 2013

Race day preparation

After all the winter training that's been done with all those miles when you've been wet, cold, exhausted and knackered we're nearly there at the start line!  Don't go spoiling the big day for the sake of a few preparations.  Here's a few things for runners to remember in the last couple of days before the big race.

  • get a good night's sleep before
  • gentle jogging to warm up before the race, just for 5 mins or so
  • checking the weather forecast it looks like warm temperatures = cool clothing.  Singlet (i.e. vest) and shorts
  • safety pins x4 for race number
  • check emergency contact details are correct
  • chip time strip onto running shoe
  • blister plasters onto any vulnerable areas of feet
  • vaseline for tops of legs if there is any chance of damp conditions (last year I suffered)
  • some male runners put a plaster over their nipples
  • trim toes nails
  • clean soft socks
  • some runners take their favourite energy gels or sports drinks with them
  • baggage label onto bag for bag storage facility
  • something to wear after the race?
  • camera, for blog photos (bag in storage)
  • phone - either my simple cheap phone in stored bag or Rachel's iPhone so I can be tracked - the latest is my family might join the spectators and can work out where I am, where I'll be etc
  • car parking
  • do I need sunglasses?
  • do I need sunblock?
  • some cash
  • something to eat and/or eat afterwards
And some things to consider from work
  • humbly take advice from colleagues saying "remember to take it easy Doug, don't set off too quickly" and so on.  All very well meaning but unlikely they have marathon experience!
  • express disapproval at proposed sweepstake about my finishing time

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