Monday, 1 April 2013

Review - X Socks (long term use)

I have blogged before about why it is important to have decent running socks to supplement your running shoes.  For anyone who has ever suffered from blisters, sore feet, sweaty patches etc then you need some proper socks.  Don't get fooled into thinking any old sports socks will do - they won't, simple as that.

I have three pairs of X Socks (two different versions) and they have each been used for thousands of miles of running with relatively little wear.  Even when I have run through mud, water or any combination, they have never been abrasive or failed to remain comfortable.  When they are soaking wet, the socks combined with modern running shoes seem to pump themselves dry after a short distance.  Yes they are expensive but the cost per mile is neglible in reality - in my view these are worth every penny even at approaching £20 a pair.

In general running socks should not be made of cotton as that absorbs sweat instead of transmitting or wicking it away.  If you look carefully at the socks in the photograph and I should say those are not my legs [ :o( ] you can see some orange L shaped parts around the ankle.  These are raised out slightly to allow for extra ventilation.

With the X Socks there are no seams and this reduces the likelihood of any rubbing, which in turn can lead to blisters.  The heel is reinforced and is incredibly strong.  They are made as separate Left and Right socks so you need to keep a lookout for this when you put them on and this helps them fit me really well (I have fairly normal feet) and they stay in place mile after mile.

Having looked at the on-line description there is a mind-boggling list of 12 different technologies used in their construction: air conditioning channel, instep protector, toe protector, toe tip protector and so it goes on and on.  If you want to know a little more about these features, take a look at Wiggle (Running) as they supply these very reliably.

I'm sorry not to go into all the technical details - that might be a bit "anoraky" of me.  The bottom line is that runners need decent socks to avoid blisters etc.  In my experience with these, they are absolutely superb, very robust and worth every penny.

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Guest blog by Tony Gavin, Sports Podiatrist

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