Saturday, 6 April 2013

Recovery run

In numbers:

Distance: 6.99 miles   
Average speed: 9.23 min/mile
Calories: 967
Duration: 1 hr 05 mins
Max speed: 5.01 min/mile
Total ascent: 1004 ft

Above numbers according to that scoundrel Mr Endomondo

Impressed walkers: 1
Deepest snow drift: 6 inches
My performance: 40%
My enjoyment: 100%
Other runners: 0
Snooty cyclists: 2
Complaining muscles: 1

I ought to say I used Rachel's iPhone and the Endomondo App for a bit of fun and besides I wanted to use it to see how I was running today.  This was a mid morning run and one that I'd been looking forward to especially as the weather was looking fairly good with each day now getting a little warmer.  I could tell that I'd had a break from running as I needed that extra bit of effort to get around.  Mind you, I was really chuffed as I got to the top of the steepest (1:5) hill and there was a walker heading in the opposite direction.

"I'm impressed, that's a steep hill" he said obligingly

"Thanks, lovely day isn't it?" I gasped as we passed each other

"Oh so you don't need to stop and rest then....?"

I carried on although he did look a friendly kind of chap who would appreciate a good chat.  Does this make me a snooty runner?

Another unexpected surprise was a new gate fitted to an old Victorian church yard boundary.  Nearly every time I run this way I either used to forget the vicious bit of sharp iron sticking out from the old gate post at hip level and scrape a bit of skin off, or, manage to remember and avoid it.  I guess the old gate had disappeared decades ago leaving this sharp point to jab all kinds of runners, church goers, ramblers, dog walkers etc and eventually the Elf n Safety influence crept in.  So that was welcome.

I think I also welcome some of the footpath maintenance that's been done recently by the National Trust, replacing some of the gravel that's been washed away during the horrible winter.  Also welcome was seeing what must be the last few bits of snow.  Surely there can't be anymore for us after this winter?  Anyway it was nice to run through some crunchy snow while it was there and then suddenly my feet disappeared through the snow and into a muddy puddle underneath - that took me by surprise but it was fun!  And then there's the cyclists, the snooty types who ride along on their MTBs without any kind of acknowledgement or recognition as I move to the side of the track so we can pass each other easily.  Why!  Why are they like that?

In terms of the actual run, I made it around alright but not as fluidly as I'd like.  Although this was meant to be a gentle "recovery" run, it's not drastically slower than how I normally do this hilly run.  I could feel a muscle in my groin starting to grumble a bit - this has happened before and is a sign of over doing it, so this is something I need to remember.  So next weekend it's a half marathon, followed by 15+ miles the following weekend with quite a few shorter runs mingled into the weekdays.  This is the rescue-the-marathon strategy!

Again quite a few ideas about this and that, mostly forgotten by the time I'd got back home - always the way!  No particular Runner's High either - just not fast enough today!

The best bit was turning the corner into our road and seeing Rachel leaning on the garden wall.  Delighted as I was, I was intrigued as to why she was there to welcome me back.  Rachel explained she could track my position on her iPad and was monitoring my progress.  That's impressive!

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