Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A short, mini run this evening

Apologies for this being a short little blog post.  A short run this evening - exactly two weeks since I last put my Sauconys on for a run.   I'm now almost over this 'orrible dose of 'flu.  Yuck, I hated it.

Having had such a nice time yesterday at Wimpole Manor, we went over to the Chilterns and visited Hughenden Manor in making the most of our National Trust tickets.  Just like yesterday it was jolly cold and we still have this bitterly cold wind coming from the north east.  Didn't spend much time outside at all.

Quite an interesting place is Hughenden Manor.  I knew about the Disraeli connection but I had no idea about the WW2 importance.   It was used as a secret map making place for Bomber Command and the RAF people who worked there (and lived 2+ miles away) were given bicycles.  If you were a civilian, well hard luck, Chum.  The photo is Hannah with one of said bicycles - still rideable after all those years.

We got home, had tea.  Then there was nothing else for it but to get my running shoes, woolly hat and gloves for a little run (a runnette?).  We needed a letter posting and so I was off.

Having not run for two weeks I had no idea how I'd feel.  To be honest it was a bit weird at first having to consciously think about running, rather than the usual autopilot approach.  I ran just for about half a mile and coughed my way around mostly.  The air temperature was only around 2 or 3C and this was a reminder of not being completely better.

All in all it felt good to be running a little.  Nice feeling a little out of breath and the sensation of a gentle jog / slow run.

Might go further tomorrow but I wish the weather would warm up!  I hate the cold almost as much as having flu but things are now looking up!

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