Friday, 6 April 2012

Shin splints?

I'm struggling a bit with running and I know many of my blog readers will have some empathy here.

After my recent long 20 mile run I've found my left leg to be quite painful when running.  It's between my left knee and ankle.  Not had this before so hard to know how long it will take to heal.  Quite a tricky balance between reducing running to allow healing to take place and not running at all.  I can't afford to grind to a halt just 3 weeks before the MK Marathon but I do need to heal this injury.  My solution is new running shoes (that helps), reducing my running to 10-12 miles a week, using across trainer at the gym and doing a few more stretches.

This evening I went out for a 3 mile run, taking about 25 minutes and using my new shoes. A fairly undulating run , mostly off road.  There was some pain and my left foot is landing different these days - I'm still landing on my heel (outer edge) and then rolling forward on that outer edge more than I used to; it's a bit awkward.  When I did a 10k run earlier in the week I had the same pain but "ran through it" fairly well.  I'm hoping I can do something like this in the marathon.

Watch this space, as they say....

Stop press!

Having slept on the matter of my injured leg, how it feels combined with reading up on it a little further, I've decided to ease off running for two weeks and enjoy cycling instead.  Hopefully this will allow me to stay in good shape and yet allow some healing to take place.  That way I hope to at least be able to jog around the MK Marathon on the 29th April.

So, here goes.  Right now it is 6.00am Saturday morning and I'm up blogging.  Gonna finish the ironing (!) have a coffee and go for an hour's bike ride.  

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