Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New Sauconys!

My new Saucony's
My Coach, Mrs Ramblings ordered a new pair of my favourite running shoes and they arrived by post today - here they are - my new Saucony ProGrid Omni 10.  Coach pointed out it was just bonkers to be running in the wrong shoes or the right shoes that were worn out, if you get the drift.

My Brooks Vapor 9's are charged with contributing to my current dose of shin splints, aggravated by a good helping of pushing myself too far.  My otherwise brilliant previous Saucony ProGrid Omni 10s had got past the worn out stage and begun falling apart and had been duly thrown away, so for the last week I had been hobbling around in a really old pair of Sauconys.

Is there any wonder why running still hurts?

What is troubling me is that the MK Marathon is a little over 3 weeks away and I should be tapering my training now, not still trying to build up.

The strategy now is to stay in reasonably good shape, perhaps some shortish runs, cross trainer and cycling in order to avoid becoming stiff and/or flabby!  I'm eating loads and if I'm not active enough, I know I'll gain weight which I can't afford to do at this stage.

You will already know I like these shoes as they suit me well.  Another reason is they are probably the best of the mainstream bunch as far as ethical trading is concerned and that should be an important factor to all runners.  I wanted to refresh myself and was interested to see their latest position - click here - for a link through to Saucony's UK site.


  1. Doug,Taper down wearing your new Sauconys and they should be good for the day. Try not to worry about training as you have done your '20'and got your miles in the bank, so to speak.
    Its a lovely morning so I am going for a 10 mile run or a 50 mile cycle. I haven't decided which, choices,choices!

    1. Thanks H. Yep, this morning was beautiful - frosty first thing, crisp and sunny. What did you decide to do - run or cycle?

    2. I decided on the run,Doug. Felt all the better for it too.